Who is ReNewy Living?

ReNewy Living is a Newcastle NSW based eco living social enterprise.

As a for-purpose environmental enterprise, we aim to connect, share, and help our local community in living sustainably to protect & maintain the health of people and the planet.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help our community live sustainably with a local perspective for a better positive impact by adopting a “start where we live, reduce & reuse” approach.

The Reason for ReNewy Living – Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower the local community to leave a positive, lasting environmental & social legacy.

We’re committed to nurturing the wellbeing of people & planet and acknowledge the strong connections between the natural environment, people wellbeing and the impact on our place.

We believe the impact of our actions on the planet starts where with where we live.

What We Do…

We help local communities adopt everyday sustainable practices and lifestyles that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable in the long term. We do this by:

We recognise there are many approaches to living sustainably, and the most effective way is to lead with our interests and strengths. ReNewy Living empowers each other to do what we can do based on our circumstances, evolving knowledge and phase of life.

Connect & Strengthen Community

People are the essence for establishing behaviours and creating change. We come together as a community to help action lifestyle changes by taking an achievable localised approach. In doing so, we contribute to becoming global eco-living citizens.

Value, Preserve & Connecting with the Natural Environment

We believe in the enduring and interconnected relationship between people and our natural environment. It’s imperative that we collaborate to respect life on earth as a living heritage and aim to leave a lasting nature-based legacy.

Read “Connecting with Nature for Purposeful Living” for understanding why this is important.

Prioritise Reduce & Reuse

This is a commitment to the principles of waste reduction & resource conservation. It aligns with national initiatives on food waste, plastic reduction and textile waste. We prioritise responsible resource use through mindful choices, emphasising reduce & reuse.

ReNewy Living grew from Mardi’s desire to demystify the concept of sustainable living and show people how to integrate simple sustainable practices into everyday life.

The Heart of Sustainability

ReNewy Living is for Communities

We help local communities adopt everyday sustainable practices and lifestyles that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable in the long term.

We recognise sustainability is diverse and encourage communities to live by their strengths, interests and phase in life.

ReNewy Living is for Lifelong Learning

ReNewy Living inspires and empowers a localised positive impact approach to living sustainably.

Positive Impacts

Educate, inspire & build community capacity

Support local initiatives

Leverage collective efforts with partnerships and collaborations

Foster continual learning

Share a sense of place

Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you can take action and make a real change in your home & community. Feel supported, empowered and equipped to create new habits that become second nature.

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About Mardi

Mardi’s helping the thinkers and doers to live a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle every day. Building a sense of community, cherishing the natural environment and recognising the diversity in sustainability are foundational for understanding our need to live lighter on the planet.

For Mardi, living sustainably looks like building a wholesome & connected community; being considered in what we do; choosing secondhand first; acknowledging a diversity of opinions, history and facts to understand how we reached this extreme; and living well within our means by prioritising simplicity, people and place over things. And always keeping “refuse” and “reduce” at the top of our minds.

Mardi’s lifetime sense of place & belonging is with Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, the Central Coast and Southern Sydney.

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