French for Tuesday is an Australian eco living enterprise that empowers our local community to strengthen our commitment to people and planet by showing that living sustainably doesn’t have to be all or nothing to make realistic change.

The biggest impact we have to living a genuine sustainable lifestyle starts with ourselves and our local community. Which is why French for Tuesday thrives on supporting and encouraging our local network of thinkers and doers.

The French for Tuesday Podcast

Aiming for a late 2023 release, the French for Tuesday podcast is a show featuring stories from the Newcastle community who share their values, strengths and commitment to living sustainably. We can use this new knowledge to enhance our understanding about living sustainably – that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing to make realistic change.

Why a Podcast?

A podcast is another way of reaching out to our community. Newcastle NSW is the largest regional centre in NSW and the seventh largest city in Australia.

We have a lot to offer in Newcastle in relation to living sustainably. Wouldn’t it be fabulous for communities across Australia to reflect and learn from our experiences?!

Why French for Tuesday?

French for Tuesday helps connect the people of Newcastle to businesses, organisations and individuals who share their passion and commitment for living sustainably.

We can only do this together, starting with grassroots change-makers. Read more about Mardi and French for Tuesday here…

Seeking Financial Contributions

For the inaugural Series One to get off the ground, I’m seeking your financial support. Your shout helps contribute to the production and administrative costs, enabling me to concentrate on giving you deeper insights with grassroots, impactful stories that teach us about eco living.

Like living sustainably, your small contribution helps to make broader collective change. I’m super thankful to have you in my community, and hope to bring these personable stories to life by the power of the voice, but only with your support.

How to Contribute

There are three ways you can make a financial impact:

  • Shouting me a virtual cuppa or three via Buy Me a Coffee. Go here to shout me a cuppa…
  • Contributing your preferred amount via one of my payment platforms, Square. For example, a $50 donation contributes to hiring the podcast studio for one episode to make professional sounding audio. Go here to make your contribution…
  • Provide Sponsorship for a podcast series. Email me here ( to chat about the possibilities to make this happen…

Topics Covered

At the heart of French for Tuesday’s ethos are three main focus areas for helping us make our places healthier places to live – community, cherishing the natural environment and diversity in sustainability. 

Living Sustainably is diverse and so are the topics. Here are topic ideas, but also open to additional topics which align with the three main focus areas:-

    • Borrow – Swap – Rent
    • Preloved – Secondhand
    • Grow – Eat – Cook – Food
    • Shop – Sourcing Sustainably
    • Textiles – Fashion – Sewing
    • Upcycle – Reuse – Recycle
    • Refuse – Reduce
    • Nature – Based Play/ Recreation/ Appreciation
    • Utilities Source and Usage
    • Transportation

Looking for Podcast Guests

I have an extensive list of people whom I’d like to have the show. But I’d also like to hear from you about the people who you think make a difference to caring for our people and planet. This can also include yourself!

Here are the essential standards:

  • Seeking a diverse range of passionate individuals, businesses and organisations who have a strong commitment to people and planet
  • Must live or have a business/ organisation in the Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock or Central Coast government areas.
  • Be a good storyteller, or can share their story comfortably as a shared conversation for up to 30 minutes
  • Be available to come into Newcastle to record an in-person, face-to face session, taking no more than 1 hour
  • Will volunteer their time to be a podcast guest

Desirable Standard:

  • Feel proud of their guest podcast achievements and share the published podcast within their network

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks so much for your financial community support. I look forward to bringing a podcast to you that’s fully supported by our community and future listeners.

Contribute via Square

Contribute via Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

Featured as a Podcast Guest

In this episode, I chat about the link between creativity and sustainability. Topics include op shopping, being resourceful, the concept of play for creativity and why and how we should embed creativity into our everyday.

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June 2023

In this episode, I chat about Getting Creative with Rubbish and how resourceful we can be with waste and marine debris.

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September 2021