ReNewy Living is an eco-living social enterprise that believes in the power of local action to create a lasting environmental & social legacy. Our mission is to empower local communities to adopt positive, everyday approaches to sustainable living.

Grounded in Newcastle NSW

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Sharing stories that strengthen commitment to nature, community, and a healthier planet.

Connecting with Nature for Purposeful Sustainable Living

Intentionally connecting with nature for purposeful sustainable living helps set the foundation for understanding why [...]

Maitland City Op Shop & Preloved Shop Guide

Set halfway between Newcastle and the vineyards of the Hunter Valley, Maitland is a town with [...]

Bateau Bay Op Shop Guide

Bateau Bay is known for its picturesque, unpatrolled swimming beach located within the Wyrrabalong National [...]

Positive & Genuine Truths about Living Sustainably

Expensive. Organic, fair trade, ethical, reusable. Vegan. Words that conjure up what sustainable living doesn’t [...]

Creativity is at the Heart of Sustainable Living

Tapping into our creative streak helps us cope with stress (aka develop resilience), appreciate beauty [...]

DIY Christmas Bon Bons with Good Gifts

Christmas Bon Bons are a traditional Christmas favourite. But the little trinkets inside the commercial [...]

Using Discarded Waste as the Alternative Blank Canvas

Rubbish, waste, debris, litter, leftovers. All waste comes with a synonym of names. If you [...]

How the Buy Nothing Project Changed My Way of Living

Buy new, buy now retail shopping is available to us every day, both online and [...]

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Ways to Use Surplus Homegrown Lemons

It’s early August, and our lemon tree is bursting with lemons! We have a whole [...]

Creative Repurposing with Vintage Tea Towels

Have you ever wondered what to do with old souvenir or beautifully patterned tea towels? Discover [...]

Be Kind to Ourselves with Sustainable Gift Giving at Christmas

Cheap costs and neverending availability of stuff to buy at Christmas feels more like a [...]

Visible Mending Books to Help Start Repairing your Clothes

Have you stopped wearing the clothes you love because of a pesky hole, slight tear [...]

Spark Imaginative Play by Choosing Alternatives to Single-Idea Plastic Toys

Photo Credit: Uniting Preschool Caves Beach This guest post story is written by Michelle Ryan [...]

Belongingness to People Makes a World of Difference

Twenty years as an early childhood educator broadened my skill of being with and understanding [...]

Creative Repurposing with Blankets and Jumpers

Have you ever wondered what to do with the old fashioned wool blankets or the [...]

Green Simple Swaps – Alternatives to Cling Wrap

Along your journey towards a more low impact lifestyle, finding quality reusable options similar to [...]

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Hi there! A little bit about Mardi, the founder of ReNewy Living

Mardi Lee, a local eco-living facilitator from Newcastle NSW, has been guiding our community toward environmental consciousness since 2017. ReNewy Living grew from her desire to demystify the concept of sustainable living, and show people how to integrate simple sustainable practices into daily life.

With over 20 years of experience as a preschool teacher, Mardi combines resourcefulness, creativity, and sustainability in her workshops. Her inquisitive and practical nature is reflected in the diversity of informative stories, which are designed to enrich your sustainability journey.

ReNewy Living also offers a selection of upcycled, preloved, and creatively reused products to support your sustainable lifestyle.

About ReNewy Living...

As Featured In…

ABC Newcastle

How a chocolate wrapper from 1998 points to a bigger plastic problem. Mardi shares what she thinks this vintage wrapper reveals about our modern waste problem.

Listen here…

21st August 2023
(ABC Newcastle Breakfast)

Creativity: Uncovered

Mardi chats about the link between creativity & sustainability, including op shopping, resourcefulness, mindset and how important it is for all of us to embed creativity into our everyday.

June 2023
(Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart)

ABC Newcastle

Mardi shares her personal stories and insights into gifting more mindfully to help us simplify Christmas with family and friends.

13th December 2022
(ABC Newcastle Breakfast)

The Newcastle Herald

Mardi shares how her eco-friendly bon bons evolved to support other small businesses and make our Christmas table feel and sound like Christmas!

Saturday 3rd December 2022

Read article here...

ABC Newcastle

In recognition of Buy Nothing New Month, Mardi shares two reasons why she’s passionate about buying nothing and how being a part of the Buy Nothing Project facebook group supports buying nothing every day.

October 2022
(ABC Newcastle Breakfast)

Listen here...

Living Smart Podcast (Lake Macquarie City Council)

Listen in to Mardi’s stories about “Getting Creative with Rubbish” and how resourceful we can be with waste and marine debris.

Search ‘Living Smart Lake Macquarie’ wherever you get your podcasts, or listen in on apple podcasts here…

September 2021

Listen here on Apple Podcasts...

The Newcastle Herald

Highlighting the benefits of more eco-friendly, low tox, green cleaning for A Spick and Span House and Planet.

March 2020

Read article here...

Proud Member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW

Member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW - SECNA