ReNewy Living’s mission is to help our community live sustainably with a local perspective for a better positive impact by adopting a “start where we live, reduce & reuse” approach.

The ReNewy Living Podcast

The ReNewy Living Podcast is an eco living show, based in the Newcastle region of NSW.

The sustainability podcast uses Newcastle as an example of localised sustainability, by championing our region’s communities of practice.

The conversational storytelling style podcast shares stories of individual community members and change makers who are doing good for people and planet. Each story takes a “start where we live”, “reduce and reuse” approach.

Join me as the podcast host, as we delve into our community’s diverse social and environmental practices so we can feel empowered to deepen our understanding of sustainability, and make a positive impact on both people and planet.

The podcast is aiming for a September 2024 release!

Why a Newcastle-Based Sustainability Podcast?

Newcastle NSW is the largest regional centre in NSW and the seventh largest city in Australia. We have a lot to offer in Newcastle in relation to living sustainably.

As a for-purpose environmental enterprise, ReNewy Living is the voice for our region for sharing ideas and resources about the diversity of sustainability. ReNewy Living aims to empower each other to do what we can do, based on our circumstances, evolving knowledge and phase of life.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous for communities across Australia and around the globe to reflect and learn from our experiences?!

If you’re passionate about initiating change at both personal and community levels, and eager to learn from diverse interpretations and practices of sustainable living, then this podcast is for you!

Thanks to Awesome Newcastle

A huge thank you to Awesome Newcastle for their financial support and confidence to bring Series 1 for your listening pleasure.

Stay tuned via email for a podcast release by September 2024!

Topics & Themes for the Podcast

At the heart of ReNewy Living’s ethos is knowing there are many ways to live sustainability. The three broad topic areas reflect this diversity:

1. Environmental Tips, Solutions, Practices

This theme features local success stories and examples of sustainable practices, sharing how individuals and organisations are making a positive impact on our communities and the environment.

It’ll highlight the local relevance and impact of these practices and include practical sustainable living tips, and solutions that you can confidently implement at home and in your community.

Examples of stories include:

  • Plastic Pollution
  • Gardening (Plants & Food)
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Transportation
  • Biodiversity Conservation, Nature-Based Recreation & Urban Green Spaces
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Water Conservation & Energy Usage
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Building and Architecture
  • Eco Tourism

2. Community Initiatives and Engagement

This theme showcases how communities are taking action to address environmental issues, in addition to engaging the younger generation in sustainable practices.

Examples of stories include:

  • Community-led initiatives,
  • Local environmental challenges and solutions,
  • Environmental education

3. Climate Change and Local Impact

This theme explores the local impact of climate change, by emphasising the importance of understanding how environmental changes affect local community and what we can do to mitigate climate impacts.

Examples of stories include environmental policy & advocacy as well as real community conversations that give us socially historical context about environmental change.

Be a ReNewy Living Podcast Guest

Could your business, organisation, yourself or someone you know like to be a podcast guest? I’d love to hear from you about who you think would make an interesting and valuable guest on The ReNewy Living Podcast.

Here are the essentials…

  • Seeking a diverse range of passionate individuals, businesses and organisations who have a strong commitment to people and planet
  • Must live or have a business/ organisation or have a connection to the Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock or Central Coast government areas.
  • Be a good storyteller, or can share their story comfortably as a shared conversation for up to 30 minutes
  • Be available to come into Newcastle to record an in-person, face-to face session, taking no more than 1 hour
  • Will volunteer their time to be a podcast guest

And the desirable…

  • Feel proud of their guest podcast achievements and share the published podcast within their network
Get in touch with Mardi here to share your recommendations or story...

Featured as a Podcast Guest

In this episode, I chat about the link between creativity and sustainability. Topics include op shopping, being resourceful, the concept of play for creativity and why and how we should embed creativity into our everyday.

Available on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

June 2023

In this episode, I chat about Getting Creative with Rubbish and how resourceful we can be with waste and marine debris.

Available on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

September 2021

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