Your go-to guide for local sustainability events in Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter communities. This aims to be a valuable resource for our community –  to help celebrate localness, promote positive health & wellbeing, promotes environmental awareness from different perspectives, and offers opportunities for personal and community growth.

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Wallsend Op Shop Trail

Saturday 15th June 2024; 9.30am – 11.30am

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Note – This is not a comprehensive page of all events in the area. This is  a free community service by Renewy Living. Information is correct at publication time. Contact event hosts for availability, bookings, tickets, or more details.


Wallsend Op Shop Trail

Saturday 15th June 2024

9.30am – 11.30am Starts at Wallsend Library

The guided op shop and preloved trail gives you confidence to step into the preloved shops and learn how to op shop with purpose. With your guide Mardi Lee from ReNewy Living, discover the best tips for how to op shop, delight in the affordable pricing, and learn about the uniqueness of second hand shopping, in addition to the advantages of shopping at more than one op shop.

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Jeans Tiered Skirt Workshop

Friday 14th June 2024

10am – 2pm, Upcycle Newcastle Shed

This workshop covers a simple technique for transforming a pair of jeans and other clothing/fabrics into a skirt. Begin with the top of a pair of jeans that fits you, then add layers of fabric (often sourced from other clothing items) to create a short or longer soft skirt. 

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Chemical Free Pest Control

Saturday 22nd June 2024

10am – 2pm, Toronto Hub

Learn numerous strategies for dealing with pests using non-toxic and natural methods, including; how to organise your garden system to minimise the chance of pests becoming an issue in the first place. What beneficial predators to look out for and encourage in your garden system…. and much more!

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Water Wisdom Workshop – Handmade Clay Ollas

Sunday 23rd June 2024

9am, Croatian Wickham Sports Club, 20 Albert Street, Wickham

Reflect on the significance of water in our lives and take a brave look into extreme events of our past & potentials for our future. Make your own olla, an ancient and extremely efficient irrigation technique which will be a vessel for delivering moisture to the soil as it is needed, & a vessel for your memories, experience and wisdom.

Note – This is not a comprehensive page of all events in the area. This is  a free community service by Renewy Living. Information is correct at publication time. Contact event hosts for availability, bookings, tickets, or more details.


Early Childhood Resources Market

Saturday 27th July 2024

10am – 2pm, Club Macquarie (Argenton)

The Early Childhood Resources Market provides early childhood professionals, families, our local community and beyond with the opportunity to shop in the comfort of a free indoor, air-conditioned market area.

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Water Saving in the Garden

Saturday 27th July 2024

10am – 12pm, Toronto Hub

Australia is a generally dry country and water security can make or break a garden or a society! Come and learn some helpful tricks and strategies for efficient water usage in your home and garden systems. From passive irrigation to choosing the right plant types for your area, and much more!

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Note – This is not a comprehensive page of all events in the area. This is  a free community service by Renewy Living. Information is correct at publication time. Contact event hosts for availability, bookings, tickets, or more details.

Stories, News & Voices

Sharing stories that strengthen commitment to nature, community, and a healthier planet.

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Maitland City Op Shop & Preloved Shop Guide

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Green Simple Swaps – From Tissues to Hankies

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Surplus Pear Syrup Jelly

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Taking part in the Take 3 for the Sea inaugural CEO cleanup event on the Central Coast of NSW was [...]

Using Discarded Waste as the Alternative Blank Canvas

Rubbish, waste, debris, litter, leftovers. All waste comes with a synonym of names. If you saw waste as a resource [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Need to Buy

The convenience of buying stuff now has moved stealthily into our everyday living psyche. Our “throw away buy new and [...]

My Low Tox Journey

After six months of honing in on what French for Tuesday offers to our community in terms of low tox [...]

Embracing Slow, Simpler & More Sustainable Living

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Sewing Couture Style Dresses From Waste

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Books to Motivate You to Start Living a Plastic Free Lifestyle

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I Made this Practical & Affordable Reusable Shopping Bag

The geometric design on this dark blue t-shirt captured my attention on my opshop travels. It was the perfect t-shirt [...]


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