Why I Created these Handmade Unique Christmas Bon Bons

Christmas Day for us is about sharing a baked meal with family and friends. Before we tuck into this delicious feast, we crack our bon bons, share the corny jokes and wear the (compulsory) coloured hat.

Every year without a doubt, the small plastic trinkets were tossed in the bin after the Christmas meal. Many years ago, to avoid this unwanted waste, my Granny splashed out on the more expensive commercially-available crackers. We were deflated to see that the little plastic bits were just bigger version trinkets.

My desire to create handmade, unique Christmas bon bons stemmed from this annual celebration-based issue. We loved the concept of bon bons but hated the waste.

Intending to be more eco-friendly, better quality and made locally in Australia, I’ve kept the tradition of Christmas bon bons. There are more suitable sustainable living choices to the bon bons.

An absolute fave, the corny bon bon cracker jokes are family-friendly and have the Dad-joke Seal of Funniness!

An Englishman, Irishman an Australian walk into the bar. The barman says “is this some kind of joke?”

The coloured tissue paper hats add vibrancy and celebration to the day, whilst the gift choices are made-to-order by Mardi (me) from French for Tuesday. The bon bons are wrapped in natural brown tissue paper. A round sticker completes the bon bon.

Each one of these sustainable Christmas crackers is a small gift but wrapped as a bon bon, to crack open at your Christmas day celebrations. Read here for some alternative, eco-friendly gift giving ideas.

Christmas bon bons have become an essential part of our Australian Christmas tradition. It’s super to know there are more eco-friendly, locally made and unique Christmas bon bon options to share with family and friends.

Click here to shop the full range of Christmas Bon Bons, made-to-order from French for Tuesday. 

This article was inspired by the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day prompt “Create” (August 2020).

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