Why Local Businesses Love Being a Local Business

In the after-hours cosiness of Estabar – opposite Newcastle beach – a small bunch of our community listened to an intimate panel discussion of three stalwart local business owners who openly shared their insights on why local businesses love being a local business.

Let me introduce you to these beautiful locals (from left to right in the main photo):-

  • Bec is the owner of Estabar cafe. Established in 2004, Estabar is an avid supporter of local produce, working with changemakers, thought provokers, the old-school and the new people who are proud of what they do. 
  • Rowena is from High Tea with Mrs Woo – a proud, Australian made and manufactured in Australia, small-run clothing label. The Newcastle business is the collaboration of three sisters who design and manufacture eloquent, timeful clothing and accessories with natural fibre fabrics. Their flagship retail store has been in Newcastle since 2004.
  • From Feedback Organic Recovery, David has been helping the Newcastle community convert local food waste into healthy, sustainable and, most importantly, locally grown community food since 2013.
  • And then there’s me, who helps our local community live locally everyday

They talked so much local goodness.

Sage Insights

Here are the top sage recommendations we need to give us a greater understanding of why supporting local business sits neatly with eco living:

  • Relationships are vital to being a local business, whether with customers or knowing their transparent supply chain.
  • Local business is about building connections. These connections with suppliers and customers give local business the chance to tell stories about their unique products and services, why they choose to do things a certain way and what this means for us as customers.
  • Tapping into our values helps us to genuinely support and love local business. Value choices include organic choice, Australian made, quality, company transparency.
  • Bec from Estabar summed the evening up beautifully by saying that we can only make the best choices we can.

The magic of all magics for local business owners is when we say, “I get it. I understand and love what you do”. The true cycle of sustainable living in this loop of understanding, adaptation, and belief in each other motivates us as customers to shout out how good it is to live and love localness!

Local businesses are the grassroots changemakers for business and are often a strong connection in our community

Our sincere encouragement for local business is well-loved. To purchase their products, goods, and services is definitely one way to support our local businesses. 

The intangible, people-feeling, reassuring support and encouragement we give,acknowledge why they are here for our community.

Let your fave local business know how much you appreciate their effort and hard work by genuinely giving them some local love.xxx

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