Shop Local. Support Local. Buy Local

Shop Local. Support Local. Buy Local. These simple sentences have had greater prominence in our lingo over the last couple of years. More so since the start of COVID-19 restrictions in March 2020 when national and international supply and logistics were affected. 

Backing our close-to-home businesses has community and environmental benefits that sit behind the obvious economic gains. Our big-hearted local love is a step forward in our everyday eco-living and supports thriving people and community.

Here are four amazing sustainable-living benefits to shopping, supporting and buying locally:

Create a Unique Community

Independent businesses within our neighbourhoods add diversity and create a character that’s unique to our community. Each local business helps to define the community’s liveability. 

A flow-on effect is the potential for increased visits from people outside of the community who want to share and support your community vibe. Local businesses add interest and intrigue to a neighbourhood.

More Connected and Responsive

Local businesses have a greater understanding of what works in your community. They are often the direct connection between you and their suppliers, the growers, and the makers or they are the creators themselves.

My local bottle shop chooses to stock wines from the Hunter Valley wine region (a hop, skip and jump from our community) and spirits from local Newcastle providers.

Fewer steps in the supply chain make it much easier for local businesses and your community to work together to create change and make independent choices to suit your community and the planet.

So stop and chat with your local business, share local stories and pass on the love of your local business with genuine word of mouth recommendations.

Better Environmental Impact

Shop Local. Support Local. Buy Local

Supporting your local business, creator, and grower substantially reduces travel kilometres as a customer. Choosing to walk, ride or even travel less distance in the car is a good start to environmental saving. Even better, is that your local business has a smaller supply chain which avoids the massive distribution centres and excessive travel kilometres to get their product to you. 

As local businesses are more connected and responsive, making independent choices such as refusing or reducing packaging can start the grassroots change.

Higher Level of Customer Service

Local business owners often work in their business and have considerable expertise and knowledge with their products or their services. There may also be a small number of employees who are just as committed to the business, making a solid team of local customer service experts.

Our big-hearted local love is a step forward in our everyday eco-living

Buying and supporting local is a big part of living sustainably, of staying connected with neighbours and maintaining a healthy, thriving community. Our local businesses, our community and ourselves complement each other to be the grassroots change-makers and innovators. 

Start to shop local, support local & buy local and notice the difference.

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