Hop in a Kayak to Relax and Explore the Outdoors

The early morning sounds of fish jumping, kookaburras laughing, magpies warbling and the sun sparkling gently on the water is your open invitation to hop in a kayak to relax and explore the outdoors. Recreational kayaking is a brilliant way for you to surround yourself with nature and gain a greater appreciation of how your everyday living habits affect the natural environment.

Recreational kayaking is an adventure activity I love. The considerably positive, lifetime benefits of kayaking are about feeling happy & healthy, is accessible to everyone, suitable for all levels and is inclusive of nature.  As well as treading lightly on nature.

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Feeling Healthy and Happy

Listening to your own rhythmic paddling strokes establishes a relaxing, slow approach to kayaking. Your goal may be to paddle from A to B in your own time, at your own pace, knowing you can stop at any time to cherish the nature around you.

Focussing on the rhythm of your paddling whilst breathing in nature’s fresh air helps centre your mind. This is the best way to simplify your life – slowing down, soaking up the sounds of nature, watch the birds flit and just cherish nature’s sounds. With nothing to buy or do, it’s the perfect chance to realise you need very little to be happy and content.

Kayaking gives you the chance to view the world from a different perspective – from the water rather than the land –  and to embrace and accept the weather, however it comes.

Hearing the drip and plop of the vertical rain whilst kayaking on the Macleay River in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park was a moment to remember. I felt in awe and amazement that this was the first time in my life to feel this wonderful rainy feeling whilst outside. Nature’s beauty.

Another moment to remember – quietly paddling up Boolambayte Creek, Myall Lakes National Park, I spotted a diamond python curled up in a melaleuca and the flit of the cutest kingfisher close to the water. Even though Australian bird guide books beautifully describe the Kingfisher, in real life perspective the bird is richer in colour and smaller in size than I realised.

Where Can You Go Kayaking

My fave spots for recreational kayaking are in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, Myall Lakes National Park as well as the amazing Lake Macquarie. The huge expanse of Lake Macquarie is my “backyard”. I’m so lucky to have this natural, accessible beauty at my doorstep every day.

For a relaxing kayaking adventure, paddle on water that’s more protected from the wind. Opt for creeks and stay close to the shoreline for maximum enjoyment. If the water is clear and shallow, you may also spot fish.

Give it a Go

Kayaking needn’t be a big financial outlay on your wallet nor your storage requirements. Consider borrowing from a friend, your local Share Shop or find a place that rents kayaks. This is a fantastic way to give kayaking a go to see if it’s for you.

Become an Outdoor Kayaking Enthusiast

With minimal environmental impact, kayaking is an outdoor adventure activity that empowers you to discover the natural world close to your home. Care for country by following best practise for kayaking and outdoor adventure activities with the Leave No Trace principle. The guidelines are there to protect the places you visit so the next person will appreciate the same natural, “untouched”  beauty. 

Kayaking is an outdoor adventure activity that empowers you to discover the natural world close to your home.

For more inspirational outdoor adventuring, the Australian Wild magazine covers adventure sports articles which all have a common theme – to tread lightly, yet adventurously on the environment whilst supporting environmental and conservation issues. Outdoor adventuring activities include hiking, paddling, climbing and mountain biking. Issue 172 of Wild Australia magazine features a Paddle Notes article on kayaking in the Myall Lakes, NSW. For a print or digital Wild magazine subscription, click here to find out more.

Recreational kayaking gifts you the chance to see how our human-ness impacts upon nature. People who love nature and explore the outdoors are more inclined to value and protect it. Let’s be aware of the impact we have on nature so we can all love and appreciate the natural environment.

By embracing the outdoors through kayaking you will feel healthier, happier and enthusiastic about developing a love for nature and a reason to see why we need to live mindfully through authentic low impact living.

Linked partnership recommendations may mean that I receive a commission for successful purchases. 

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