Go Outside and Enjoy the Fresh Air

Taking time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air is so valuable to our wellbeing and connection to place. There are obvious and subtle benefits of being out in the fresh air.

First, here’s my outdoors fresh air imagery while I write this story.

The mid-August sun naturally warms my feet as I listen to the lorikeets, neighbourhood dogs and distant traffic. I see the wind swoosh the tall gumtree branches and feel this wind on my face.

My indoors, static space imagery is lovely but has a less sensory description. When I tell my kids to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, I’m wanting them to value the positive effects of a balanced and enduring indoors/outdoors lifestyle.

To be outdoors and feel the fresh air can:

  • Activate all of our senses to – feel with our whole body, see what happens around us, smell the every day, hear the sounds of day and night and taste the seasons.
  • Increase our connection and awareness of space, people, plants, animals, time, weather
  • Improve our general health and wellbeing. eg natural light triggers our natural sleep circadian rhythm, reduces eye strain and decreases the chances of headaches
  • Help us to think clearly, leave us feeling more energised and increase our concentration thanks to more oxygen 

Too much fresh air of the high blustery winds type blows these ideas “out the window”.

Take a moment. Or an hour. Step outside. Notice the difference fresh air makes to your everyday.

This article was inspired by the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Prompt “Fresh Air” (August 2020).

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