Locally Handcrafted Natural Soaps for a Plastic Free Bathroom

Local to Lake Macquarie, NSW Mell started her natural soap business – Honeybee House Skin Co – in March 2020. She helps our local community choose locally handcrafted natural soaps for a plastic free bathroom, which is healthier for our skin and reduces our single-use plastic consumption.

Natural soap making has been around for thousands of years. The local soap maker shares her cold soap making process, the value of community feedback and why her products are beneficial for our bodies and the planet.

Soap was the Solution to the Problem

Living so close to the beach, Mell ultimately got sick of picking up bags full of single-use plastics and other discarded debris off the beach on her daily morning walks. The business grew from her strong connection with the ocean & the unique Australian coastline. And the need to protect it.

Honeybee House Skin Co shows how one local can help promote and prevent the overuse of plastic packaging, primarily found in the skincare and cleaning industries. The local business is Mell’s contribution to small-step, actionable environmental change.

The Soap Making Process

Locally Handcrafted Natural Soaps for a Plastic Free Bathroom

Soap making using the cold process method mixes an acid with alkaline and lets these chemicals have a party – also known as saponification.

The acid is triglycerides (fatty acids, oils) mixed with sodium hydroxide (lye), which is alkaline.

The chemical reaction can take up to 24 hours to complete, followed by a lengthy curing process.

Uniquely Formulated

Each body product has a uniquely formulated, tried and tested recipe. There are different triglyceride bases (base acids), depending upon the purpose of the product. 

Locally Handcrafted Natural Soaps for a Plastic Free Bathroom

The type of base acid used is a determining factor as to how long the soap lasts.

Believing in quality products, the soaps cure for six weeks and exclude additional surfactants – which make soaps feel foamy – to stay firm and last.

These soaps are true soaps that clean.

How we look after the soap in our showers also extends the life of the soap — for example, allowing the soap to dry between uses by resting it on a soap dish with good air circulation.

Healthier Skin and Body

Mell’s family noticed the difference in how much her soap relieved itchy dry skin compared with highly synthesised soap. Returning customers agree that it’s the best bar soap for dry skin.

One thing led to the next, with the production of naturally scented, low tox shampoo bars (suitable for all hair types) and facial bars.

Valuing lifelong learning means new products will join the current line of skincare products. These will continue to promote natural, sustainable and waste-free living.

Unambiguous Ingredients

Locally Handcrafted Natural Soaps for a Plastic Free Bathroom

Ingredient transparency, sourcing Australian made and ethically sourced ingredients are the high priority business ethos of Honeybee House Skin Co.

Researching product ingredients is essential for the eco-friendly soap producer.

The detailed research made Mell more aware of what ingredients in off-the-shelf products are ambiguous.

For example, if a product includes “fragrance”, we don’t know the origin of that scent, questioning whether it’s natural or fake.

Adding the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names to the products helps her customers make more informed decisions. For example, the INCI name listings usually tell whether the ingredients are naturally derived or not. A vital factor to know when producing naturally-based products.

No Soap Scum

Due to the chemical reaction and natural butters left in the final product – via a superfatting process – what’s left in the shower after cleaning is a thin, easy-to-clean film.

Minimal elbow grease, plus a clean with Miracle Spray and a coconut scourer, helps to keep the shower recess clean.

As an experienced house cleaner, Mell noticed the difference between cleaning this thin residue and the soap scum build-up of synthetic, mass-manufactured soaps.

Honeybee House Skin Co Helps our Community

Locally Handcrafted Natural Soaps for a Plastic Free Bathroom

It’s local producers like Mell who’ve recognised how to help our community. She’s made sustainability easier with a realistic and localised solution so we can live kindly on our planet. 

May you discover the beauty of quality, small-batch produced, locally made products like these soaps, shampoo bars and facial bars and make one small shift towards a healthier you.

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Where to find Honeybee House Skin Co.

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The links in this section are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase from these Australian-based businesses.

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  1. Mardi says:

    You’re welcome! Thankyou for being a part of our community, who are always looking for ways to support local and small business that provide truly sustainable options.


    Thank you Mardi and @French For Tuesday for this wonderful endorsement and for spotlighting our goal to live more environmentally aware. It is our aim to provide natural and sustainable options in the personal care sector. Focusing on small batch and handcrafted options with emphasis on completely natural, healthy and sustainable.
    Thank you for supporting local and small business!

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