Furoshiki for Stylish Reusable Gift Wrapping

Wrapping presents adds an element of surprise and delight. Still, it’s an avoidable waste when wrapping with new, single-use wrapping paper for the gift. This is particularly obvious at Christmas time when gift-giving is more for everyone, not just one person on a special occasion. As a result, the council recycling bins overflow with reams of torn wrapping papers.

Switch to Beautiful Fabric

Swapping single-use wrapping paper with furoshiki fabric wrap shows thoughtfulness, care and love for the person you’re gifting, as well as for our planet.

What is Furoshiki

Furoshiki for Stylish Reusable Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths which are used to wrap and/or transport goods. The aesthetics and beauty of furoshiki are found in the material, designs and knots. 

Typically made from squares of fabric – commonly 45cm x 45cm and 70cm x 70cm – the reusable gift wrap can be folded and tied in many ways, making this one piece of fabric so versatile and suitable for most presents.

Go here to the Government of Japan Ministry of the Environment for “How to Furoshiki” for ideas of ways to fold rectangular, spherical and bottle-shaped gifts.

Choose these Fabrics

Furoshiki for Stylish Reusable Gift Wrapping

Look for thin fabrics such as silks or fine cottons for easier, compact and delicate knots.

Rayon, nylon or polyester are also suitable materials to use for furoshiki. 

Using upcycled or preloved fabric is one step you can take to reduce the 501,000 tonnes (88% of all waste) of leather and textile waste going to landfill (source – 2009/10 Australian Bureau of Statistics report).

Do I Gift the Furoshiki Fabric?

Furoshiki for Stylish Reusable Gift Wrapping

Choosing whether to gift the material (in addition to the gift) is really up to your preference.

If it’s your fabric style, keep it, your recipient will understand. If you’d prefer, gift the piece to them, so it becomes their furoshiki cloth to pass on.

Matching the fabric design and colour to the recipient is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture but not essential.

My friend wrapped this year’s gift in a black and white scarf that I wrapped her gift in last year!

She’s used it often when gifting to friends, and it’s now become her wrapping of choice. Over time, you’ll build up your own lovely collection of reusable furoshiki cloths.

The Value of Reuse

Becoming confident with giving gifts wrapped in beautiful fabric places a significant value on reusing and repurposing textiles. So make the switch to wrap up your special celebrations with furoshiki to create a new norm for our planet, one gift at a time.

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