Discover People’s Eco-Strengths in our Community

This series of short stories and videos come from everyday people in our community. Each story gently encourages you to discover people’s eco-strengths in our community and see what’s realistically possible to live an eco friendly lifestyle everyday.

I hope you feel inspired by the diversity of our community’s sustainability strengths. They are eco-champions for themselves, their family and their local community. But of course, there’s no right way to “be” sustainable, and these stories are brilliant at acknowledging our own heartfelt decisions.

Passion is their motivation for doing what they do – to make a difference, inspire others, and tell stories with kindness and positivity. Each story covers one aspect of the broad spectrum of sustainable living. The stories show us how one person can create a localised, positive impact on their everyday living that spreads as easily as butter on fresh bread on a hot day.

Through these stories, I encourage and support you to find and commit to your eco-strength – The one thing that sees you shine to become your own self-acclaimed eco-champion!

Back Fence Rubbish Display

Local Eco Champ Jill at Valentine - Discover People's Eco-Strengths in our Community

It’s hard not to stop and be amazed at the amount of rubbish that one person has collected along a small section of the Lake Macquarie foreshore. Arranged with so much creativity, this Valentine community eco-champion has created…read more here and watch the video here

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Melinda is Sewing Couture Dresses From Waste

Blue Wrap Couture: From Waste to Art

Melinda shares her inspirationally creative story on sewing couture style dresses from waste. This story is a remarkable example of showing how you can make something beautiful and spectacular from things that other people have thrown away.

Read the full story here and watch the video here

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John’s Backyard Honey

Bateau Bay Eco Champion - Discover People's Eco-Strengths in our Community

Lovingly looked after by John at Bateau Bay on the Central Coast, this honey is direct from his backyard hives. And what flows from this, is a conversation about the value of locally harvested food, or just a simple hello-it’s-a-beautiful-day chat.

Read more here…

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Leonie’s Seventy Years of Treading Lightly

Seventy Years of Eco Living - Discover People's Eco-Strengths in our Community

In this story, Leonie shares how seventy years of eco living strengthens why living sustainably is crucial. Find out her recollection of the history of waste through the decades and how her passion for taking care of our local environment helps our local community.

Read more here…

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Would you like to share your strengths with our French for Tuesday community? Get in touch with Mardi here about your story...

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Would you like to find out what your eco strength is? Discover here how Unearthing Your Eco Strengths will help your everyday sustainable living shine!

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