5 Perks for BYO Coffee in a Vintage Thermos

In a country town op shop sitting on the top shelf amongst the large glass vases and picture frames, I spotted my new-for-me classic Thermos.

Featuring a timeless green and white pattern, this 1960’s Made in England vintage thermos quickly became my most trusted source of brew-at-home takeaway coffee. We’ve shared many coffees together – coffees that are just the way I like it.

There are five fab reasons why taking your Thermos (or similar) out and about helps you relish the taste of your perfect coffee.

1. The Right Time and Place

A vintage thermos gives you lots of flexibility for where you’d like to drink your cuppa so you can enjoy your coffee at any time and place. There are times when you’re not always near a cafe, or the coffee queue is crazy long, or you just can’t leave the kids unsupervised, but you’d really like a coffee. Bring out your vintage thermos and voila! Convenient coffee every time that gives you more time to enjoy the moment!

2. Just the Way you Like

Be your own barista and enjoy your cup of coffee every time, just the way you like it. Brewing your coffee at home and pouring it hot into the thermos means you’ll always love the taste of your coffee. The strength, consistency and flavour are lovingly made by you.

3. Keeps Coffee Hot

The power of the original thermos design is that it keeps coffee hot for hours! This mesmerising YouTube clip from 1968 shows the original thermos manufacturing process.

4. Share with Friends

This size thermos thermos holds two 340ml keep cups worth of coffee – so that’s one for you and one for a friend. Sharing coffee and a chat is time well spent.

5. Use with a Keep Cup

Complement your takeaway-from-home coffee with a just as good stainless steel Keep Cup. Once poured from the thermos, this keep cup retains the heat of your coffee so you can enjoy your coffee for longer. Alternatively take your own mug.

Amazingly, the commercially available genuine Thermos brand has been around for 60 years. It’s an invention that continues to remain useful and valuable throughout other technological change.

Take your original reusable Thermos out and about, as it’s a cost and time effective way to support your sustainable lifestyle.

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Source vintage thermos flasks globally via my affiliate etsy or brand new via Australian online eco store, biome. The stainless steel thermal Keep Cup is one of my best reusable purchases, as it does really keep your coffee (and tea) hot.

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