Embracing Slow, Simpler & More Sustainable Living

ReNewy Living supports your journey to embrace living a life more slowly, simpler living and more sustainable living. But what do these phrases really mean and what are the benefits of choosing to live more wholeheartedly?

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Slow Living

Slow living is a lifestyle which emphasises a less-is-more approach. It’s the intention to lead a more balanced life. Choosing quality over quantity and making time for the things that matter is paramount to this way of living.

To seek a more balanced life is about slowing down your life’s pace and doing everything at the right speed. This means taking your time to appreciate and connect with others, nature, food and the earth’s natural rhythms.

Living slowly and intentionally is the underlying concept in the beautifully designed and easy to read book Slow by Australian author Brooke McAlary. Available to borrow from you local library.

Simpler Living

Simpler living is about reducing your consumption of material possessions, cutting away the excess, using what you already have and saying “no” to things you don’t need. It is often associated with minimalism.

Sarah Lazarovic’s The Buyerarchy of Needs is a wonderful, simple diagram which gives a visual insight into the different levels of needs. Read more about the buyerarchy of needs here in my blogpost, 5 Fresh Ways to Reduce your Need to Buy.

Being more intentional about reducing your consumption is found in the ultimate guide to simplifying your life, the book Zero Waste Home.

Sustainable Living

Living sustainably is about using and producing less, using what is already available and taking care of nature so that nature can take care of you.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice that promotes a more desirable balance and respect for the earth’s natural resources and environment.

Read 5 fresh ways to reduce your need to buy for more details on how you can start your journey towards sustainable living.

Being More Sustainable

Embracing a more sustainable lifestyle recognises that your journey towards sustainability is a continuum. It starts small. It starts with your choices for everyday eco friendly living.

Along the way, the essence of sustainable living will include the strength of your community. Your community of where you reside and your region.

Towards the end of the continuum, it’s more about national and global issues that impact upon you and your living. We all aim for a more sustainable lifestyle. Our journey is in different stages.

Benefits of Living Slow, Simply & More Sustainably

Embracing a slow, simpler and more sustainable living approach has real and meaningful benefits. This style of living:-

  • Teaches patience
  • Gives the opportunity to accept and be grateful for the good and bad of everyday life,
  • Allows for small mistakes to avoid bigger mistakes
  • Makes room for better focus and attention to the details
  • Builds resilience through endurance
  • Allows time for creativity, curiosity and imagination
  • Puts your life and everything in perspective
  • Has a lighter impact on the earth

Love Living More Wholeheartedly

It’s for everyone! Families, kids, adults in every age bracket, city dwellers, country dwellers… retirees, couples, singles, empty nesters.

This lifestyle is for everyone who values the benefits of living a slow, simpler and more sustainable life.

The concepts of slow, simpler and more sustainable living are intertwined. They are wholeheartedly about lifestyle, making better choices, valuing the intangible and creating a liveable balance. I look forward to going on and embracing this journey of living a slow, simpler and more sustainable lifestyle together.

Some links in this post are affiliate links. I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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