DIY Christmas Bon Bons with Good Gifts

Christmas Bon Bons are a traditional Christmas favourite. But the little trinkets inside the commercial factory-made Christmas crackers are our biggest sustainable Christmas annoyances.

The teeny trinkets become valueless, so they end up in the bin, regardless of whether they’re plastic or made from other materials. This is the main reason why I started the eco friendly Christmas bon bons…

What to put in DIY Christmas Crackers

Enjoying our DIY Christmas Bon Bons with good gifts brings value and meaning to our Christmas day celebrations. Here are some quick ideas to simplify what inner gifts fit in a small tube yet still be valued, practical, and well-received. Also check out the local bon bon gifts, specifically made and curated for the eco friendly Christmas bon bons and reusable Christmas bon bons.

Some links in this post are to my affiliate partnerships. I may receive a small commission should you choose to make a purchase. 

Special Day-to-Day Living Inner Gifts

These bon bon gifts are tangible things that’ll be used and take up no permanent storage space, including food, seeds, and special drinks.

Playful Bon Bon Gifts

These are Christmas cracker gift ideas that make up a playful game on the day or can be played at any time post-Christmas celebrations.

And remember the corny jokes, or fun charades and family-friendly trivia questions for small playful moments!

Home Living Gift Ideas

Ideas that are always useful around the home or add a special personalised touch to the home decor:

ReNewy Living has collaborated with three local Newcastle-based businesses that in turn support sustainable living. Honeybee House Skin Co. specialises in making low tox soap, Oz Tukka has packaged these Australian spices samplers, and Flowering Cosmos has custom made these gorgeous mini flower posies to decorate your Christmas bon bons.

Christmas Bon Bons with Good Gifts

Treating the Christmas cracker as a unique gift helps us celebrate the traditions of Christmas but with more sustainable options. So simplify your DIY Christmas cracker gift ideas by popping in one of these suggested special day-to-day living, playful or home-living inner gifts.

Some links in this post are to my affiliate partnerships. I may receive a small commission should you choose to make a purchase. 

Inspired to make your own Christmas crackers? Start here with ReNewy Living’s available-all-year DIY Christmas Bon Bon Supplies. Or choose to fill these flat-pack Christmas bon bons with suggestions from this story.

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