5 Perks for BYO Coffee in a Thermos

Stepping away from city suburbia, good coffee and local cafes aren’t as commonplace. It’s during moments like standing in the cold watching your kids’ soccer game or having a picnic at the park that finding a good cuppa when you most crave it is non-existent.

Packing a coffee-filled thermos for times when you’re out parenting, tasking or working has many perks! Enjoy your coffee goodness at any time with a BYO, brewed-at-home warm cuppa.

Here are my 5 perks for BYO coffee in a thermos…

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1. A Thermos is Convenient

A vintage thermos gives you flexibility for when and where you’d like to drink your cuppa. Think of all the times when you’re wanting a coffee but there’s no cafe in sight, or the coffee queue is ridiculously long, or you just can’t leave the kids unsupervised.

Instead, unpack your thermos and voila! Convenient coffee every time,  giving you more time to enjoy the moment!

2. Coffee Just the Way you Like!

Be your own barista and enjoy your cup of coffee every time. Brewing your coffee at home in a pyrex glass orstainless steel stovetop coffee percolator (my favourite method) and pouring it hot into the thermos means you’ll always love the taste of your coffee. The strength, consistency and flavour are lovingly made by you.

3. Keeps Coffee Hot

The power of the original thermos design is that it keeps coffee hot for hours! This mesmerising YouTube clip from 1968 shows the original thermos manufacturing process.

Amazingly, the commercially available genuine Thermos brand has been around for 60 years. It’s an invention that continues to remain useful and valuable throughout other technological change.

Newer, non-branded thermos flasks may not be made the same as the original, so this is where “double-walled” helps with keeping it hot.


The two walls have a gap in the middle that are vacuum-sealed. This gap allows the inside liquid to stay hotter for longer than a single-walled flask. The double-walled feature also means you can hold the thermos without feeling the heat from the inside contents.

4. Share with Friends

My original vintage thermos holds two 340ml (12oz)  keep cups worth of coffee. One cuppa for you and one for a friend! Sharing coffee and a chat is time well spent wouldn’t you say?!

5. Use with a Reusable Coffee Cup

Complement your takeaway-from-home coffee with a reusable coffee cup that keeps coffee hot for longer. There’s a diverse range of reusable coffee cups available, such as the Frank Green (Australian brand), Huskee (Australian owned & Certified B Corp), Sttoke (Australian brand known for it’s shatterproof ceramic cups), the original Keep Cup (Australian Brand & Certified B Corp) brands.

Made from a range of materials, I prefer the stainless steel reusable coffee cups for keeping my coffee the hottest, followed by the ceramic ones and the plastic styles.

Coffee Comfort

Remembering to take the thermos out for your day is as easy as taking the house keys! The hot coffee-filled thermos flask is convenient and gives flexibility for enjoying your cuppa at any time and place.

With a BYO thermos at the ready, you’re not just carrying coffee, you’re carrying a piece of coffee comfort wherever you go!

Some links in this post are affiliate partnership links. I may receive a commission when you decide to make a purchase. 

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