Madeleine’s Eco Living Journey Started with Tox-Free Beauty

I would love you to meet Madeleine. I met Madeleine whilst out and about in the NSW snowfields. My unusual holiday photo of the snow resort’s garbage bins prompted our chat about the amount of waste generated in the snow resort. This lead to her own waste free story.

Madeleine’s sustainable living journey started with tox-free beauty and now includes buying second hand stuff first and re-using products where possible.

Told with authenticity and honesty, this is her story.

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So many things have happened for me to start on this path and I am still only at the beginning of my journey, I have so much more to learn and impIement into my lifestyle.

Growing up in Bellingen

I grew up in a beautiful little town on the mid north coast of NSW called Bellingen, which is just full of abundance in every way – creatively, culturally, fresh organic food and just the most beautiful people. My house was on a property right on a river, where we would drink fresh river water. I was very aware of the environment growing up and how beautiful and pristine it is, but you just think everywhere is like that. You don’t realise as a child that not everyone drinks fresh river water and that their water ways may be polluted.

Travelling through Asia was a massive wake up call and even living in the UK, most of their fresh veg were packaged in plastic!!!

Natural Beauty Therapy

When I studied beauty therapy and very quickly moved into the natural side of the industry. I started learning so much about the importance of organics and what these toxic chemicals are doing to our body further down the track, especially for women. I made the choice to only work with products that were organic, and vegan and the packaging had been environmentally sourced. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it and if it has the word “fragrance” on the label, it’s usually just a cocktail of toxic chemicals. Your body will absorb 100% of it straight into the blood stream where it will stay. I became so passionate about this and not only implemented changes in my life, I felt so lucky I could educate people about it in my job!

Establishing Our Place

My boyfriend and I lived in a cabin right on the edge of the beautiful Bouddi National Park in Killcare on the NSW Central Coast. We were so lucky to be given so much furniture from friends. Everything else was bought second hand off Gumtree. We were both really proud of that and we scored some awesome bits!

Zero Waste Means…

Zero waste means aiming towards as little waste in your life as you can.

My Easiest Change

I love making my own beauty and cleaning products from natural ingredients and will always reuse my old pump and spray bottles.

My Personal Benefits

I love the thought that there’s as minimal plastic in our cabin as possible for health reasons. Being a beauty therapist that’s only worked with organic products, I have learned so much about the toxic chemicals taken in through our skin and the flow on effects that has on our health years and years later.

I won’t lie – the cost can feel a bit more expensive at times especially buying organic and from bulk health food stores so there is no packaging. But I have found ways around it like joining our local organic food co-op. I have also volunteered at an organic farm just up the road from us in return for beautiful fresh organic produce.

My Brilliant Low Impact Skill

To be honest, I am brilliant at forgetting my green shopping bags haha! So I always just have to reload my groceries into the car and grab my bags when I get home to carry them into the cabin!

No, but one thing I am really good at are finding brilliant treasures in council pick ups. I love them!! So many items for our cabin I found on the side of the road. Items such as a full coffee cup set, a beautiful white cane chair and old vintage photo frames. So many things!

My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge is clothing. I think I try and shop at opshops as much as possible if I need new things. I definitely am a bit naughty when it comes to fast fashion and renewing my wardrobe a bit too frequently.

My Top Tips

My top tips are re-using old spray bottles. Start making your own cleaning products – it will save you so much money and they are brilliant no Nasty chemicals.

My Plans to Come…

When I settle down and have a home I know I’ll be in for a long time, I dream of my beautiful big veggie garden full of amazing organic and seasonal produce. All this created completely out of recycled materials with a wonderful compost bin!

Thanks Madeleine for sharing your story. It’s reassuring to read how just one little thing started your zero waste journey.

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Links in this blogpost are my partnership recommendations to you. I may receive a commission when you click through and purchase.

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