About Creating Christmas Decorations from Upcycled Waste

Transform your Christmas into an eco-friendly celebration by crafting unique hanging Christmas decorations from upcycled waste materials. This workshop taps into your creativity by repurposing clean, found materials that would have otherwise ended up in the rubbish bin.

Join in an engaging workshop led by passionate creatives, who’ll give you hands-on guidance and beginner skills needed to craft one-of-a-kind hanging Christmas ornaments. Use the upcycled decoration to adorn your Christmas tree or incorporate it as a reusable trimming for your eco-friendly Christmas bon bon crackers. Share the joy with a personally handmade Christmas that treads lighter on the planet.

In this workshop, you’ll:-

    • create something that’s individually yours, using a combination of marine debris and clean household & industrial waste
    • let play, creativity and imperfection guide your project
    • use a range of tools and techniques to create your decorations

Workshop Details

  • Location – a place with space suitable to work at tables wither sitting or standing, with access to a facilitator-accessible power point
  • Duration – approx. 2 hour workshop
  • No. of People – up to 20 participants
  • Options – this is a participant-active workshop for up to 20 people, or a flow-in flow-out style of workshop for larger events
  • Cost: email Mardi here expressing your interest in customising and pricing your workshop within your goals and budget.

Workshop Facilitators

Mardi Lee – Eco Living Advocate | Early Childhood Teacher Trained | Creative

Mardi is based in the Newcastle NSW region, and brings two decades of early childhood teaching experience to her creative role at ReNewy Living. Facilitating the art from waste workshop is one skillset.

Exploring alternative perspectives on waste is of great interest to Mardi. Regardless of our personal waste reduction efforts, industrial and manufacturing waste, along with offcuts and discarded materials, continues to accumulate. Mardi considers waste as a valuable resource for creative reuse and upcycling rather than seen as single-use disposal. Mardi is confident that we can make a positive impact of waste change.

Di Boyd – See Ya Sista | Environmental Artist

Diana is an environmental artist with a passion for turning discarded waste into beautiful works of art, such as found in this story. Diana’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her love for nature. She cherishes working with natural materials and often incorporates them into her creations. However, her true magic lies in her ability to transform seemingly useless waste into astonishing works of art. Diana scours her local beaches and the shores of Lake Macquarie, turning them into art.

Through her art, Diana not only showcases her creativity but also spreads awareness about the importance of waste management and the consequences of irresponsible consumption. Her work serves as a powerful reminder of the need to protect our planet and cherish the place we call home.

Please note: there may be alternative facilitators for this workshop, based on availability and circumstances. 

Are you Interested in a Christmas Decorations Workshop?

This workshop helps transform your Christmas into an eco-friendly celebration.

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