My Low Tox Journey

After six months of honing in on what French for Tuesday offers to our community in terms of low tox sustainability, I’m pleased to let you know that I have the certified coach seal of Low Tox Life approval! The Low Tox Method course was a wonderful journey of insight and reflection and helped guide my low tox journey.

French for Tuesday shares sustainable living stories of people and planet to help rethink your everyday to live resourcefully. So how does this all link in with being Low Tox Life approved? Here’s the scoop.

My Low Tox Journey – Pieces of the Puzzle 

My low tox journey started slowly and gained momentum after having two children in my early thirties, in addition to my body settling into the last thirty-plus years of living what I thought was healthy and clean living. My body was subtly telling me something was not quite right. It wasn’t going to be a simple problem with a quick-fix solution.

Dense headaches. Irritating itchy neck and chest. Sneezing frenzies. Chest tightening. Pass me the reliever and antihistamines. I learned early on what products made me feel this way and avoided them as much as possible. My triggers included popular off-the-supermarket-shelf cleaning products, perfumes (both expensive and cheap), smelly toilet fresheners, nail salons and mouldy spaces. This was the start of my low tox realisation.

Curly hair. Just like my Mum and sister. Dang it. Learning how to work with and embrace the curl has been a lifelong task! Since my teenage years in the eighties, I’ve tried every hairdresser recommended “curly hair” product and method, yet my hair never felt fantastic. The Curly Girl: The Handbook was my  “aha” low tox moment. So you’re telling me that curly hair people need to avoid products with parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES? Ingredients I’d never heard of before and had no idea what they meant for my hair type. But wow! Replacing with products that avoided these toxic chemicals made a world of difference to my hair!

At 38 years of age, the GP told me that all of the skin issues, tiredness, menstrual problems and lack of energy were because I was perimenopausal. There was no way I was not going to accept that outcome! I took it upon myself to find out more. I discovered that rather than being in the perimenopausal club, I was actually gluten-intolerant! From one discovery to the next. I found out the causal links between our gut, our wellbeing, general health, thinking and thriving. Giulia Enders’ Gut book simply explained how this most underrated organ is connected to our nerve-gut system and is the core of who we are.

Replacing with products that avoided these toxic chemicals made a world of difference

My switch to low tox living was becoming more evident. I was a more mindful consumer, questioning everything. Podcasts became my new fave medium for learning. Alexx Stuart’s Low Tox Life podcast was no exception. I became hooked on listening each week as each episode resonated with me. The lightbulb moments became my out loud excitements and conversations of what low tox living means and influenced how I wanted and needed to live. It actually had a name – Low Tox Life. Coined by Alexx in 2009, this was my low tox lifestyle breakthrough.

Emma from Slow Skin Co and I, hosted Alexx to speak in Newcastle in 2019 about living low tox. Here was another step forward on my low tox journey.

One thing leads to the next. I enrolled in Alexx’s inaugural Low Tox Method course. And there we are – how I’ve become your approved Low Tox Life Coach!

My low tox journey has not ended with a “ta-da”, and it’s done. My low tox story continues, learning more each day along the way. As an educator, my low tox approved badge is my commitment to our community to understand and share the low tox love.

Living Low Tox & Sustainably are Entwined

I’ve committed to helping us reduce the toxins in our lives for a healthier and happier you and planet. I believe low tox living and living a more sustainable lifestyle are entwined. They share fundamental principles:

– choosing quality over quantity
– being a more mindful consumer
– becoming an advocate for the planet and our health
– refusing, reducing and replacing with more suitable products and ways of doing.
– simplifying

Living a low tox sustainable lifestyle is doable when we work together and recognise that we are at different stages of living low tox. We can support each other to question, to seek more information and to help our friends and family.

Starting Today…

There are 3 ways you can start living a more low tox sustainable lifestyle – read my blog, book a workshop or sign up for an e-course.

  1. My blog is an ever expanding array of stories and information related to low tox elements of sustainable living. Subscribe to my email list here to keep up with the latest.
  2. I offer a flexible range of sustainable living workshops which wholly incorporate the underlying low tox living approach. Head here to explore the range of workshops and speaking opportunities I offer in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Maitland and Hunter region.
  3. Sign up for any of the Low Tox Life e-courses, including the Low Tox Method course so you can also become a Low Tox Life Approved Coach. I recommended this course as I know and trust everything Alexx does. As a positive Australian mentor, I believe she will do the same for you. 

Who Do You Know?

Do you know a business that sells low tox products or provides a low tox service in the Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter region? I love to give real and authentic recommendations to our community who are on the quest to support low tox local business. If you know of this someone, put them in touch with me here.It helps me connect our community.

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