About the Creating Art from Waste Professional Development & Corporate Workshop

This professional development and corporate workshop unleashes your colleagues playful creativity to create something extraordinary and beautiful from waste. Foraged marine debris and discarded waste are sources of inspiration for creating something new from what we already have around us.

In this workshop, you will:-

  • create something that’s individually yours, using marine debris and clean household and industrial waste
  • let play, spontaneity, creativity and imperfection guide your project
  • use a range of tools and techniques to create your masterpiece, without relying on sticky tape and glue

Workshop Details

  • Location – can be at an inside or outside venue that’s suitable for participants to walk around and have table space for creating
  • Duration – Workshops are betwen 3 – 5 hours, allowing plenty of time for creativity.
  • No. of People: Up to 15 participants with one facilitator and 30 participants for two facilitators as a specific workshop.
  • Options: there are options for a flow-in-flow out style of workshop which is ideal for larger events, businesses and conferences.
  • Cost: email Mardi here expressing your interest in customising and pricing your workshop within your goals and budget.

Workshop Facilitators

The Creating Art from Waste Workshops are usually facilitated by either or both Mardi (left in the photo) from ReNewy Living and Diana from See ya Sista. Di is an experienced artist who creates art from found and foraged materials.

Passionate about waste reduction, we guide you in embracing your creativity to transform waste into something remarkable. We personally forage, collect, and clean the marine debris and waste, in preparation for your workshop.

We hope you’ll leave with something you’re proud of, as well as letting it be the impetus for every day conversation about minimising our waste.

Please note: there may be alternative facilitators for this workshop, based on availability and circumstances. 

As Featured In…

Listen in to the brief podcast interview “Getting Creative with Rubbish by Lake Macquarie City Council for my insights and stories behind creating art from waste.

Found here at apple podcasts, spotify, or wherever you access your podcasts.

Related Stories…

Marine debris litters the shoreline of our beaches and lakes and this waste has devastating effects on our animals, our health and the planet. This workshop is one way we can use what’s already in circulation but doesn’t discount the fact that we really need to refuse and reduce our consumption. Other related stories are:

Are you Interested in a Workshop?

These Creating Art from Waste (Professional Development & Corporate) workshops are brilliant as a creative team-building event, help to spark creativity amongst your team, or take the ideas to implement in your learning and teaching environments.

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