About the Green Cleaning Workshop

Green cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult nor spending hours scrubbing with ineffective alternatives. Making the switch to DIY low tox, green cleaning products is possible when the alternatives are just as powerful as the artificial chemical-filled products. 

Learn which chemicals to avoid and why switching to green cleaning products are better for your health and the planet. I’ll show you how making the switch is easier than you think!

In this workshop, you will:-

  • Learn how to DIY a range of effective low tox green cleaning swaps. This may include a cleaning paste, miracle spray, dishwashing detergent, floor cleaner or vinegar spray.
  • Learn what common toxic artificial chemicals are in the mainstream, big branded cleaning products
  • Become more mindful and informed about making a positive start on sustainable long term change for your health and the planet.

Workshop Details

  • Location – of your choosing – home, workplace, community hall, cafe…
  • Duration – 2 hour workshop with 4 demonstrations of DIY green cleaning products
  • No. of People – unlimited, however the format of the workshop will change depending upon number of people
  • Options – this is a participant-active workshop for up to 30 people, or a demo-style of workshop for larger groups; or for each person to make every product; this workshop can also be presented as a 40 minute speaking topic
  • Cost: email Mardi here expressing your interest in customising and pricing your workshop within your goals and budget.

Workshop Facilitator

This personalised workshop is facilitated by eco living educator and approved low tox coach, Mardi from French for Tuesday. All recipes included in the demo workshop have been tried and tested by our family and these are the ones we’ve stuck with, as we know the power of their clean!

I’m local to the Newcastle region NSW and am passionate about reducing the toxic load in our homes and our bodies by helping you make your own low tox cleaning products.

I hope you’ll leave with at least one cleaning product idea that you’re keen to embrace, letting this be the impetus for everyday conversation about choosing a low tox, sustainable lifestyle.

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This workshop is a brilliant way to show how easy it is to make your own low tox household cleaning products.

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